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Revision Classes


This year we are looking to get classes organise for Easter by late February, but there is likely to be spaces in mid March.


Designed to allow students to study with other covering the same course and be able to recap, re-evaluate and learn in a different environment to school.


Easter Classes run over 2 days (approximately 12 hours tuition in total).  9.30 am start, 4.30pm finish.  Pupils get a 15 minute break and a 45 minute lunch during the day.


Please fill in the form below if you would be interested in provisionally booking a space for classes during the Easter Break.



If you have any addition enquiries please contact - revision@grampiantutoring.co.uk


Easter Revision


1st April - 13th April 2018


1 & 2 Day Intense Recaps

with Study Guides &

Exam Prep








Week 1


Tuesday & Wednesday (2-day classes) -


N5 Chem and Higher Biology.



Wednesday (1 day Class) - Modern Studies



Thursday & Friday (2-day Classes)  -


N5 Maths, N5 Physics, and H Chemistry.



Week 2



Monday and Tuesday (2-day classes) -



Higher Maths and N5 Biology.



Wednesday (one day class) - Higher Psychology



Wednesday and Thursday (2-day classes) -


Higher English and N5 Maths




Friday and Saturday (2 day classes) -


Higher Physics and N5 English