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About the Courses, Tutors and More

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Grampian Tutoring is a limited company, registered in Scotland number 427856

FAQS will be placed here as and when they occur - I have included some of the most important things I believe any parent or guardian would ask.


Trustworthiness -

Many of the Tutors, including myself are already members of the PVG Scheme.  Any new tutors will have a PVG completed through Disclosure Scotland.  Many of our Tutors are Teachers, Trainee Teachers or Undergraduate Students planning on becoming teachers - this means we have a wide base knowledge of many aspects of Teaching and Tutoring.


Lessons -

Lessons can be at your own home, or at our office (once premises are confirmed).  Lessons will be organised with individual tutors and invoiced on a monthly basis, we take a two session deposit before tuition starts. Lessons can be weekly or fortnightly - recommneded session lenghts are 60 or 90 minutes but 2 Hour Sessions are available depending on subject(s) and level.


Prices -

Prices will be discussed during a meeting, preferably at your home as this will be where tuition generally takes place.  We do aim to offer value for money, and will occasionally run special offers.  We offer discounts for multiple subjects/pupils. Our experienced tutors are however generally more expensive.  


When should tuition start? - 

Ideally the sooner the better for the student.  We aim to get tutoring started two weeks after consultation.  However we do not take on students too close to the actual exams but are happy to work with students on the run up to prelims etc.  


For National 5 or Higher/Advanced Highers we do take students on, after their prelims (our cut-off date is usually in the second week of March).

We offer spaces in our Easter Revision Classes to pupils after the cut-off date in March.


For Private Entry Exams in January we recommended that students start between August and late October/early November.   W e cannot take students on in December and January due to the nature of the work required for entry exams.


How do we go about arranging a tutor?

By contact us we can look into finding a tutor for you.  A home visit and consultation is required before a tutor can start in your home.  This is conducted by one of our directors and she is able to do a pupil assessment (subject dependent) as well as discuss everything in detail.  


How do we pay for tuition?

We deal with this through a monthly invoice, which you can pay by cheque, bank transfer and paypal.  At the end of each month you sign off the tutor’s timesheet and this is what you will be invoiced for.

Tutors are paid using a payroll system to allow us to deal with PAYE and NI contributions, tutors should never be handed cash or cheques directly.


Will I be charged for cancelled sessions?

If we can rearrange a session then No, we will not charge you.  However short notice cancellations (less than 24 hours) that are not rearranged or occur regularly may incur some administration charges.

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